Crack Monitoring by our partner MESSOTRON


German sensor expert company MESSOTRON, are experts on matching the right sensor solutions with their customers. We are very happy and proud to be a MESSOTRON partner.

One area of expertise for MESSOTRON, is Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). In SHM, crack growth is the final deteriorating stage of a structure before collapse. Continuous monitoring of these cracks, enables early warnings and predictive maintenance, which can eventually prevent disasters and save lives. Apart from that, the economical advantages with predictive maintenance and disaster preventing are obvious! 

Crack-growth monitoring has never been easier thanks to the uniquely designed sensors from ElastiSense, tolerating misalignments and all-weather conditions.

This small animation-video, developed by MESSOTRON, is an excellent illustration of how easy and efficient it is to use our sensors for monitoring cracks growth in real time.



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