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Iot & Industry 4.0 ready position sensing

Position sensors from ElastiSense are developed with the sole purpose of making displacement and position sensing simple and cost efficient for a wide variety of relevant sensor applications in a number of industrial segments.

We have had great success helping customers within structural health monitoring, factory automation, off road vehicles and many other application areas where position sensing otherwise can be a challenge due to mechanically aggressive and harsh environments.

We help our customers ensure full control of their systems with reliable measurement of position and displacement thus enabling effective monitoring, predictive maintenance, breakdown prevention, as well as downtime minimisation – all leading to savings and profit.

Displacement sensors from ElastiSense are precise yet mechanically flexible thanks to the exploitation of a ground-breaking ‘active rubber’ sensor technology.

Learn more about ElastiSense in this video:

Elastisense Corporate Video

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Sensors from ElastiSense endure all weather-related conditions as well as rough industrial environments

Unlike traditional piston-based displacement sensors (LVDTs, Potentiometers, and Linear Encoders), our sensor technology can measure displacement while tolerating installation and operation misalignments since the core sensing element is made of rubber and thus fully deformable.

Furthermore, our displacement sensors are fully encapsulated, allowing them to endure all sorts of weather-related conditions, including heavy rain, UV light, wind, extreme heat and extreme cold.

With an ingress protection of IP68, our sensors are completely dust and water tight, and require no special mounting, protection or cleaning, which helps you reduce costs on installation, operation and maintenance, compared to other sensor solutions.

All our sensors can be customised to fit your application and control system and provide data in the format best suitable for you.

All in all, sensors from ElastiSense add value to our customers. It is simply position sensing made easy.

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