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ElastiSense Sensor Technology

Factory automation, structural health monitoring, off-road vehicles monitoring, Medical monitoring and sports performance monitoring

Flexible, Durable, and Innovative Sensor Technology

ElastiSense Sensor Technology offers robust, accurate, and versatile sensors ideal for Structural Monitoring, Heavy Vehicles, industrial applications, and medical/sports performance products. Our technology ensures reliable and precise measurements of stretch, position, or displacement and delivers invaluable operational and status data, enabling preventive maintenance, efficient performance, and minimal downtime of your application.

Key Features:

Robust: Resistant to shock, vibration, overload, and misalignment

Accurate: High precision through capacitive sensing

Versatile: Configurable in size, range, and electrical output

Industry 4.0 & IoT Ready

Built for Harsh Environments

ElastiSense sensors are designed to endure extreme conditions, with a fully encapsulated rubber core that withstands misalignments, heavy rain, UV light, gale force winds, extreme temperatures, chemicals, dirt, and dust. They require no special mounting, protection, or cleaning, reducing installation, operation, and maintenance costs.

In so many words, sensors from ElastiSense Sensor Technology add value to customers in almost any segment of industry or trade. It really is position sensing made easy.

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