LAUNCH - New sensor technology

ElastiSense introduces the DS-series Displacement sensor - Brand new technology built to last, regardless of what you put it through! 

You can twist it bend it, stretch it, or even tie a knot on it (don't know why you would do that!). You can expose it to rain, snow, hail, UV light, extreme cold or extreme heat, it just keeps going! 

The sole purpose of this sensor is to deliver data to you about your application, making you capable of doing condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. That will help you avoid expensive application downtime and simply make your application better and more profitable. 

The secret behind it all is the unique high grade silicon rubber encapsulation. We even embedded the electronics, making the whole thing IP68 rated and fully capable of taking you and your application to the next level, also in terms of IIOT and Industry 4.0 trends. 

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