ElastiSense Sensor Technology products can be used in almost all applications where position or displacement sensing is required.

We can also customise our sensors in range, shape and size, offering sensor products specifically designed to your needs, enabling an efficient and cost competitive sensing solution for your application.

Sensor solutions from ElastiSense Sensor Technology add most value in applications where precision, robustness, and cost competitiveness all are equally important.  The unique technology used in our products enables reduced cost of installation, operation, and maintenance as well as valuable data about the status of the application. This can ultimately minimise expensive downtime or even breakdowns, by enabling a predictive maintenance strategy.

There are virtually no limits to the use of sensor solutions from ElastiSense Sensor Technology, so challenge us if you think we might be able to add value to your application.

Hit the contact button if you have an application where sensor solutions from ElastiSense Sensor Technology can make a difference.

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