Ground-breaking sensor technology - makes your application better! 

Twist it, bend it, stretch it, the sensor will hold and continuously deliver data, even in the harshest of environments! 

DS-Series Displacement Sensors


How does condition monitoring sound? Simply always knowing how your application is performing in terms of position and displacement! Or what about Predictive maintenance, where you continuously get  information that tells you exactly when it is time for maintenance. That will help you avoid unexpected and expensive downtime, and provide damage prevention, by notifying you as soon as something is about to go wrong. To make it easy to use data for process optimization, feedback control is essential. 

DS-series sensors are developed with Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 in mind and are capable of taking applications to a new intelligent level, where position and displacement sensing is made easy and cost-efficient.

The sensors are optimal for Off-road vehicles, Structural Health Monitoring and Factory Automation, but applicable in all thinkable applications where the going gets tough and where data about position and displacement can help secure efficient operation of the application. 

DS-Series sensors consist of an innovative, extremely strong, durable and very efficient stretch sensor, fully encapsulated in high grade silicone rubber, with embedded electronics. This makes it extremely durable and resistant to external influences such as rain, snow, dust, heat, cold, dirt and other environment and weather related obstacles. Apart from that, the stretch sensor technology combined with the silicone rubber encapsulation, makes it bendable in all directions and tolerant to over-stroke and misalignment. The technology is unique for ElastiSense products and provides an efficient and optimal alternative to non-contact or cylinder-based sensors. 

To further outcompete other sensor technology, installation, operation, maintenance effort and costs can be substantially reduced as there is no need for special mounting, protection or cleaning of the  sensors.

You mount it to your application with two screws, plug the cable from the embedded electronics to your control system in your application, and you are good to go. Couldn't be more simple and easy! 

DS-Series Displacement Sensors

Most important features for the DS-Series Displacement sensors from ElastiSense:

  • Over-stroke and misalignment tolerant
  • Continuous encapsulation in high grade silicone rubber (IP68)
  • Built-in environmental compensation
  • Tolerates aggressive use
  • Withstands harsh environments
  • Weather (incl. UV) resistant coating
  • No moving parts
  • No maintenance
  • Choice of signal outputs
  • Multitude of customisation possibilities

The first version of the DS-Series sensor was launched in 2021, but striving toward perfection, we continued developing which has resulted in DS-Series sensors version 2.0. The new version has shown better performance and robustness in numerous field tests conducted by both ElastiSense and customers all over the World.    

Version 2.0 updates are: 

  • Improved EMC protection
  • More robust cable retention
  • More mounting options
  • More compact design
  • availability in more measurement ranges

Overall, version 2.0 sensors are simply stronger and more versatile!

IoT DS-Series Sensor capable of running on battery power:

  • For off-grid locations where corded power supply is not an option
  • Can be supplied with 2.5-5,25V
  • Can be set to measure in intervals
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Allows for predictive maintenance of machinery and structures 

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