High-quality elastic sensors made easy-to-use

Position sensing made easy”. This is a key term at ElastiSense. The DS-Sensor series help application developers and builders in a variety of different business areas add value to everything from factory automation, structural health monitoring, off-road vehicles, and several other applications, often operating in rough environments.

Reducing costs during installation, operation, and maintenance are the immediate and obvious benefits when you utilize the elastic and durable DS-Sensors. However, both the operation data as well as current status data, provided by the DS-Sensors, will show almost invaluable over time as it paves the way for preventive maintenance – especially when applied in locations and in machinery where other sensors cannot be used.

The most important features of ElastiSense products are:

  • Robust – highly resistant to shock, vibration, overload, and misalignment
  • Accurate and repeatable – high accuracy due to capacitive sensing
  • Versatile – can be configured to different needs in size, range, and electrical output.

Browse through our product range below, be inspired, and do not hesitate to contact us – also with enquiries about customized solutions for your specific need or application.