We produce high quality sensors

Position sensing made easy, is a key term for ElastiSense. We produce extremely high quality sensors that add value to applications within many different business areas, for example; Factory automation, Structural Health Monitoring, Off Road Vehicles and other applications where the going gets tough. We add value in terms of reduced costs for installation, operation, and maintenance as well as valuable data about the status of the application. This can ultimately enable preventive maintenance in places other sensors cannot be used.

The most important features of ElastiSense products are:

  • Robust– highly resistant to shock, vibration, overload, and misalignment
  • Accurate and repeatable– high accuracy due to capacitive sensing
  • Versatile– can be configured to different needs in size, range, and electrical output

Feel free to browse through our product range or get in contact if you are looking for something customized specifically for your application.