Our new DS-Series displacement sensors are perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. There is no doubt in our minds that they can add value to most industries, especially in applications operating in harsh environments. That can be indoor production environments with machinery running 24/7 with stress, vibration, over-stroke and misalignment or it can be outdoor applications exposed to hard weather and/or dirty environments with mud, sand, dust, water or the like. 

DS-Series Displacement Sensors working in rough environments

We would like to prove to you that DS-Series sensors can help you improve your application and your business. We suggest that you order a few sensors to test in your application, to see, with your own eyes, how DS-Series sensors from ElastiSense can help improve your application. Give us a call, send us an Email or fill in the form and tell us about the nature of your application, and elaborate on your intended use of the sensor. Together we will figure out which sensor can best satisfy your needs. 

We look forward to cooperating with you and proving to you that our unique technology can make a difference to your application.  

Best Regards

The ElastiSense Development Team