The Portable Test Kit is designed to enable easy yet precise displacement measurements of a system or tool, with up to two sensors, allowing system characterization and monitoring.

The kit is supplied with two displacement sensors of your choice (20, 50, 100mm) and contains all other necessary sub-components and software, serving as a complete plug-and-play system. The PTK is a price competitive test instrument that enables easy, yet precise displacement measurements of a system or tool, without having to invest in large dedicated measuring systems.

The applied displacement sensors are able to tolerate aggressive mechanical environments and therefore uniquely suited for applications within e.g. machine tooling.

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Portable Test Kit
Model Portable Test Kit
Supported type of sensors ElastiSense EDS series
Supported number of sensors Up to 2
Measurement range (mm) According to the chosen EDS displacement sensors (20 mm to 100 mm)
Power consumption 24V DC / <500 mA
Data visualization Sensors data are displayed on a graph in real time
Saving options Sensors data can be stored on a .txt file for post-processing
Accuracy and repeatability See EDS sensors datasheet
Update rate 10 – 1000 samples/second (software selectable)
Operating temperature See EDS sensors datasheet
Operating temperature (DAU) 0°C to 45°C
Operating humidity See EDS sensors datasheet
Operating humidity (DAU) 5%RH to 85%RH
Dimensions (DAU) 195 x 95 x 49 mm
Supported PC or tablets PC or tablet with Window XP or higher and one available USB port
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