Sensors for Off-road Machinery

Off-road machinery typically refers to machinery used in construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, military, and transportation applications. Examples could be forklifts, cranes, tractors, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, trains, and tanks.

Regardless of their use, off-road vehicles have two crucial and contradictory requirements; 1: They must operate in some of the harshest conditions, and 2: They should induce minimal breakdowns which can result in costly downtimes or even endangering lives.

To satisfy such difficult requirements, monitoring, predictive maintenance, and automation have become an increasingly important part of the vehicles.

Monitoring of the machinery requires sensors. In this case, the sensors must be able to endure harsh environments, as well as shock, vibrations and misalignments.

Sensor solutions from ElastiSense are able to do just that.

They are precise yet mechanically flexible thanks to our ground-breaking ‘active rubber’ sensor technology. They tolerate shock, overload, and installation and operation misalignments. This is because the core sensing element is made of rubber and thus deformable in all directions.

Furthermore, our sensors are solid-state and fully encapsulated making them IP68 equivalent which allows their use in the harsh environmental conditions enduring heat, cold, water, snow, ice, etc.

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