New ideas come to life

Lumber monitoring

Honestly, we had not given "lumber monitoring" any thoughts when we developed the DS-Series Displacement Sensor! Luckily, others have been thinking creatively on our behalf :-) 

In the case of lumber monitoring it was our Korean distributor Double EN and one of their clients who were clever enough to think out of the box and find new use for DS-Series sensors. In short, the client uses the sensors to measure on the expansion and contraction of the lumber under changing conditions, e.g. humidity, temperature, load, etc. They use this information to characterize the lumber and predict failures in advance. 

Lumber is used in the building industry where condition monitoring is really important for predictive maintenance and early warnings.  

This is just another example of the versatility of the DS-Series Displacement Sensors. We knew already that the range of applications where the sensors ad value is almost endless, but sometimes even we, the inventors of the DS-Series Sensor, get surprised. Thank you Double EN and your client, for adding just a little bit of extra flair to our business. 

Do you have another surprising application where you believe DS-Series sensors can ad value? Give us a call, write us an E-mail or fill in the form and we are ready to exploit it with you!