New Distributor in the UK & Ireland

Geotechnical Observations

Expanding on our already long list of distributors across the World, we now have the pleasure of introducing Geotechnical Observations as our new distributor in the UK and Ireland. This is how Geotechnical Observations describe themselves: 

"Geotechnical Observations vision is to be the company that is most trusted to deliver high quality structural and geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring. We do this by working with the most reliable and versatile products that we can find (e.g. #Measurand, #Ackcio and now #Elastisense), testing them to their limits to understand their performance and using them to answer our client’s questions. We work with Asset Owners, Designers, Principal Contractors, and other I&M Contractors who share our aspirations to achieve the highest quality and the very best value for money."

Welcome onboard, Geotechnical Observations :-) 

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