NEW 2.0 version of the DS-Series Displacement Sensor

LAUNCH - New sensor technology

in 2021, after years of research and development, we launched the ground-breaking and innovative DS displacement and position sensor series. the sensors have since proved their worth across industries and shown a unique ability to bring value to the customers. They have done so by securing efficient operation of the customer's applications with predictive maintenance = no unexpected downtime, condition monitoring, and damage prevention. It all adds up to more efficient operation and more profit for the customers. Besides the clever thoughts behind the unique technology, installation and maintenance of the sensors is second to none on easiness! 

You snooze, you lose, so obviously we continued developing! That's why we are now ready with version 2.0 of the DS sensor series! Just when you didn't think it could get any better, we went ahead and made it better! The result: A sensor with the same overall features as the original DS-Series sensor, but technically improved with the following:

  • Better EMC protection
  • More robust cable retention
  • More mounting options
  • More compact design
  • Availability in more measurement ranges

Go ahead and order your DS-Series sensors and start improving your business straight away! Contact us for questions or for ordering your sensors!

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