Monemvasia Castle, Greece

IoT sensors for structural health monitoring

Monemvasia is probably one of the most important medieval fortress-cities of Greece. It is also considered one of the most beautiful castles in the world and a very popular tourist attraction. 

The castle stands proud on top of a high limestone cliff  watching over the town below. Instability of the steep, rocky cliff face is well-documented and there have been both rockfalls, and significant undermining of the castle frontiers, posing a risk to the castle as well as to the town below. 

A project co-financed by the District of Peloponnese and the European Regional Development Fund serves to stabilize the rocky slopes. Our partner NEOTEK was contracted to supply and supervise the installation of a network of sensors. The sensors collect measurements to monitor the behaviour of the cliff, preceding stabilization work by another contractor.

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Cliff monitoring

Cliff monitoringCliff monitoring