It happened again!

Bridge monitoring

15th of August a bridge collapsed without warning, this time in Norway. A car and a truck were on the 150-meter-long bridge as it fell into the Lågen river. Luckily no one was injured this time.

Bridges can be structured in several different ways and from different materials. In the case of this particular bridge in Norway, it was a fairly new bridge made primarily of wood. In 2016 a bridge of the same type collapsed in Norway, due to a large calculation error.

One way of preventing unexpected bridge collapses is to constantly monitor a bridge and thus always be completely aware of its state.


As the video shows, constant monitoring of bridges is made possible with DS-Series sensors from ElastiSense. DS-Series sensors are built for the purpose and are capable of monitoring movement on a bridge 24/7 in all weather. It simply sends data to a control system and thereby provides you with constant information about the status of the bridge. This information tells you which state the bridge is in and which maintenance measures you may have to take in a near future. This increases the safety of the bridge and it allows for the bridge owner to act proactively in regard to maintenance. This is both time and money saving, besides increasing the safety of the bridge.

In Sønderborg Municipality, constant monitoring of The Munkemølle Bridge, tells the Municipality exactly which state the bridge is and how it acts in different weather and with different traffic patterns. Learn more about the Munkemølle project here: Bridge monitoring with ElastiSense

Learn more about structural health monitoring of bridges here: Structural Health Monitoring of bridges

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