IoT Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring

IoT sensors for structural health monitoring

To accommodate the need for sensors in positions where power supply is difficult, ElastiSense now launch a new DS-Series sensor variant which can be supplied with 2.5-5.25V. This makes it capable of running on battery power and thus perfect for off-grid locations with no corded power supply. The new sensor variant is perfect for engineering structures like buildings, bridges, dams and tunnels, as well as natural landscapes like cliffs and mountainsides, where there is a need to surveil movement and potentially foresee unexpected collapses. 

Daily we hear about accidents involving rockslides, landslides, bridge- or building collapses, or other damages to engineering structures. Most come with financial consequences, some involve injuries or even casualties. Sensors help monitoring structures and can register movement or changes in movement behavior. This can help prevent accidents!   


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