DS-series Displacement Sensors for bridge monitoring

Structural monitoring on a bridge in Norway

We have always claimed that our DS-Series displacement sensors are highly relevant for structural health monitoring, especially outdoors in harsh environments and changing weather. The main purpose of structural monitoring is safety and economy. It is a question of damage detection and characterisation strategy for the engineering structures, such as buildings and bridges. Aging or degradation to these structures can potentially affect the performance or, in worst cases, cause damage or collapse. By monitoring the structures, you are able to do predictive maintenance, thus preventing damage or collapse. Read more about Structural Health Monitoring or specifically about DS-Series sensors.  

On the growing list of structural monitoring customers, we can now ad the Norwegian Road Directory (Statens Vegvesen). In cooperation with our partner Smart Sensor Systems, they has mounted two DS-Series sensors on a bridge in Norway. They measure the relative displacement between the abutments and the seat of the bridge. Displacement is typically caused by changes in temperature and load variations. Precise data about the displacement is essential to be able to foresee wear and tear, fatigue, and potential crack generation on the bridge.

The overall purpose is to enable preventive measures and perform predictive maintenance on the bridge. You can even see Live data right here: https://www.smartsensorsystems.no/ibridge-live-sensordata/ 

The DS-Series sensors are characterized by their ability to continuously deliver data, even in the harshest of environments, making them highly relevant for outdoor structural monitoring.

DS-Series Displacement Sensors

DS-Series sensors mounted on a bridge in Norway.

DS-Series Displacement Sensors