DS-Series sensors for Structural Monitoring

Safety is key in engineering structures. It is a question of damage detection and monitoring of structures such as buildings and bridges. Factors such as aging or degradation can potentially affect the performance or, in worst cases, even cause damage or collapse. 

DS-Series Displacement Sensors are perfect for virtually all applications within Structural Health Monitoring. They are cost effective with easy installation, low maintenance and extreme durability.

DS-Series Displacement Sensors

Compared to other sensor solutions, such as piston-based displacement sensors (LVDTs, Potentiometers, and Linear Encoders), DS-Series sensors can measure displacement while tolerating unpredictable movements, since the core sensing element is made of rubber and thus deformable in all directions. They are perfectly finished for outdoor applications and can endure all sorts of weather-related conditions, including heavy rain, UV light, wind, extreme heat and extreme cold.

Sensor solutions from ElastiSense require no special mounting, protection or cleaning. This is a big plus in Structural Health Monitoring, as it helps reduce costs on installation, operation and maintenance, compared to other sensor solutions.

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