Displacement Sensors for off-road machinery – continued discount!

Displacement Sensors for Off-Road Machinery – Avoid unexpected breakdowns and expensive downtime!

The discount of up to 50 % on the EDS Displacement Sensor series is still valid.

Sensor Solutions for Off-Road Machinery

Effective monitoring, predictive maintenance and automation of off-road vehicles require sensors which can provide precise data, being able to endure the harsh operation conditions, and yet be cost competitive. Temperature, pressure, force, rotation, and displacement are the five most important parameters to monitor in an off-road vehicle. Among these parameters, displacement remains to be the most difficult parameter to measure as it requires the sensor to be attached to the most aggressive parts of the vehicles where shock, vibration, and misalignments occur.

Displacement Sensors from ElastiSense are perfect for Off-road machinery due to the active rubber sensor technology, making them capable of enduring harsh environments, shifting weather conditions as well as shock, overload and operation misalignments. The sensors require no special mounting, protection, or cleaning, which can reduce cost of installation, operation, and maintenance up to 90% compared to other sensor solutions.

Watch the videos to see examples of sensor solutions from ElastiSense in off-road machinery.

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