Bridge monitoring made easy with iBridge

DS-Series sensors on a pedestrian bridge in Norway

Our partner, Smart Sensor Systems in Norway, has recently been asked by Bærum municipality in Norway to propose a turnkey solution for Structural Health Monitoring of a pedestrian bridge in Sandvika town.

The purpose is to continuously monitor the bridge’s deflection caused by loading and temperature variation and transmit the measured data wirelessly to cloud based on which the customer can remotely assess structural integrity of the bridge and plan predictive maintenance and repair in case of observed structural deterioration.

Two DS100 sensors were installed at either end of the bridge to measure the relative displacement between the two abutments and the deck. Both sensors were connected to the iBridge wireless and battery-powered datalogger that transmit the sensors data to cloud.  

The iBridge+DS system offered by Smart Sensor Systems is a robust, simple, and cost-competitive turnkey solution for monitoring structures.

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