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Structural Health Monitoring

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Heavy Vehicles

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Factory Automation

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Designed with Iot & Industry 4.0 in mind

Flexible, durable and cost-efficient. The dynamic sensors by ElastiSense Sensor Technology are used in a variety of applications and products– from bridge and building monitoring, factory automation, and off-road machinery, to medical, and sports performance products and applications. Utilizing the sensor technology allows you to ensure full control of your system and enjoy reliable and precise measurement of any stretch, position or displacement – even under water (IP68). All sensors are Industry 4.0 and IoT-ready and will provide detailed and effective monitoring, helping you predict and plan maintenance, prevent system breakdowns, minimize system downtime, or provide health or performance data. 

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Built for Harsh Environments

Unlike other sensors, the technology behind our sensors can measure while tolerating misalignments. The core element is made of rubber, making it fully deformable without obstructing the signals. They will endure harsh weather conditions and rough industrial environments. The sensors are fully encapsulated, enabling them to withstand all weather – from heavy rain, UV light, gale force winds, extreme heat, and arctic cold. With an ingress protection rate of IP68, the DS-sensors are completely protected against dust and water too. They require no special mounting, protection or cleaning at all. This helps you reduce costs during installation, operation and maintenance.

In so many words, sensors from ElastiSense Sensor Technology add value to customers in almost any segment of industry or trade. It really is position sensing made easy. Contact us for more information or go directly to the shop if you know already what you need. 

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